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Wow Classic Priest Weapons Guide

soulkeeper classic wow

Necromantic Bile has been redesigned – Now increases the damage of your Heart Strike, Obliterate, and Scourge Strike by 15%. Creeping Decay now also reduces the damage enemies deal to you while inside Death and Decay by 10%. Blightstone has been redesigned – Now increases the damage of your Blood Plague, Frost Fever, and Virulent Plague by 15%. Mordretha, the Endless EmpressEchoes of Carnage periodic damage reduced by 50% on Mythic difficulty. The Necrotic WakeAmarthTortured Echoes now expires after 30 seconds , and its damage has been increased by 100% on Mythic difficulty. Fen Hatchling’s Clinging Infestation damage reduced by 50% per stack.

soulkeeper classic wow

ShamanRestorationCorrected an issue where some raid encounter abilities were incorrectly triggering the bonus mana restoration of Water Shield. Bonedust Brew will no longer deal greatly increased damage against enemies that take increased damage. oracionesalavirgenmaria.com Corrected an issue that caused some item levels on rewards granted from World Quests to not keep pace with character progress correctly. Kin-Tara Overhead Slash now only strikes her primary target and its damage has been reduced by 40%.

Daggers For Wow Classic Priests

Fixed issue that caused Wicked Blade to sometimes hit moving players twice. Fixed an issue where Xandria could phase out while on the Kyrian Campaign quest «A Perilous Journey» while she still offered a Calling quest. KyrianFixed an issue where characters who swapped to the Kyrian Covenant would be told to complete the quest «A Calling in Bastion,» but be unable to complete software construccion the quest. MageArcaneTouch of the Magi will no longer replicate increased damage taken bonuses from the target. Dowsing Rod has been redesigned – Standing in your Faeline Stomp reduces the damage you and your allies take by 10%, but Faeline Stomp’s length is reduced. Monk Maw-Darkened Slippers damage increased by 20% and now only deals damage when Rolling .

Fixed an issue where Xandria was visible in two places at once during the Kyrian Covenant Campaign quest «Stronger Together.» KyrianFixed an issue where Kynthia would not take off smoothly during the Kyrian Covenant Campaign quest «Trouble on the Western Front.» Anima PowersFixed an issue where Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Monk and Rogue class-specific anima powers were not appearing in Plundered Anima Cells. Fixed an issue where the quest «Light Camera Action» would be unavailable to certain characters.

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Fixed an issue where the Tithelord could sometimes become stuck during the first phase of the quest «The Tithelord.» De Other SideMueh’zalaResolved an issue where Crushed Soul damage was higher than intended descdargarwasapgratis.me on Mythic Keystone difficulty. Fixed an issue with the Campaign Chapter progress text requesting players to rescue Laurent from the Ember Ward instead of the correct requirements to complete the chapter.

soulkeeper classic wow

BastionFixed an issue where enemies in the Temple of Humility would respawn at inconsistent rates for various quests. Construct Disguise now only allows players to be recognized as a construct within the House of Constructs in Maldraxxus, as originally stated by the item. The disguises’ visual appearance is still usable outside the area, but it will no longer fool enemies outside the House of Constructs. Maw of the Maw’s Devour Obleron Armaments cooldown increased to 10 seconds and no longer affects the increased maximum health Anima Power, Obleron Endurance.

PlaguefallFungalmancer’s Binding Fungus can now be interrupted and has a cast time of 3 seconds . Vanndar Stormpike peered across the Alterac Valley battleground and saw that his adversary’s health was 20% higher than his own. Not to be outdone, Vanndar has put in the work and increased his own health by 20%. Artificer Xy’mox Resolved an issue where abilities would change their sequence if Artificer Xy’mox changes phases before casting Dimensional Tear. Threads of Fate characters who are level 60 are now eligible for the quests «Return to Oribos» in each zone. Resolved an issue where the death of Mueh’zala could be delayed if he’s channeling Master of Death right before he reaches 10% health. Mueh’zalaResolved an issue where player immunities (e.g. Divine Shield and Ice Block) could inadvertently cause Stellar Clouds to spawn on Mueh’zala’s active platform.

  • Fixed an issue where players could unintentionally enter the Necrotic Wake dungeon during the world quest «Air Supremacy.»
  • Fixed an issue where Night Fae players who abandon the quest «The Garden of Night» would be unable to see Qadarin to accept it again.
  • KyrianFixed an issue where some players who swapped to the Kyrian covenant would be unable to interact with Haephus for the quest «It’s All Coming Together.»
  • Fixed an issue where players who abandoned the quest «The Blue Seed» would be unable to exit the cave to destroy the bramble wall after accepting the quest again.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be unable to see enemies during the quest «Compassion, Blade of Humility.»