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Wow Classic Priest Weapons Guide

soulkeeper classic wow

Fixed an issue where some Threads of Fate players were unable to use the Sinfall Flight Master. Resolved an issue that could cause players to be unable to loot Shadowlands’ World Bosses if the boss is defeated while the player is offline. Alexandros Mograine will once again properly assist players during the quest «Pursuit of Justice.» KyrianFixed an issue to make it easier for multiple players in the area to receive credit properly during the quest «Succumbing to Pride.» Fixed an issue where players could not use the Eternal Gateway in Purity’s Pinnacle after looting the Penitence of Purity treasure. PlaguefallMargrave StradamaFixed an issue where the door to her location could remain closed and lock players out after a wipe. Fixed an issue where eligible players could fail to receive the Sundancer mount in Bastion after completing the event.

  • Runecloth Wrappings damage increased when casting Arcane Blast, Fireball, and Frostbolt while Invisible reduced to 500% (was 2000%).
  • Resolved an issue that prevented many of the non-boss NPCs in Castle Nathria from scaling their health and damage as raid size increased.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players who chose the Venthyr Covenant from using the Sinfall flightmaster until they had completed the quest «Sinfall» at level 60.
  • Non-boss NPCs base health before scaling has been reduced by 10%.
  • Threads of FateFixed an issue where the turn-in marker for the quest «Support the Court» would be in the wrong location for Night Fae players who completed the quest at level 60.

The anima rewards are now equivalent to the other covenants Anima Conductor daily quests. Willowblossom is once again present for players who abandoned the quest «Evil Grubbies.» Fixed an issue during the Bastion world quest «Things Remembered» where players could fail to receive credit for Kalisthene’s portion of the achievement, What Bastion Remembered. Fixed an issue where level 50 characters could not accept the Twilight Highlands quest «Twilight Shores.»

Weapons For Leveling Priests In Wow Classic

Resolved an issue where the debuff from Corpse Ticklers in Maldraxxus could not be removed for some players. NecrolordFixed an issue where the Anima Conductor daily quests in Maldraxxus were granting an incorrect amount of anima.

soulkeeper classic wow

Resolved an issue where Wicked Blade was not following the targeted players correctly on Normal difficulty. The weekly quests «Return Lost Souls» and «Replenish the Reservoir» will now display as a part of players’ Covenant Campaigns to better highlight their importance. Sire DenathriusFixed an issue where Dusk Elegy was not correctly reducing incoming healing. Castle Nathria Fixed an issue where players couldn’t imprimirrfc.com.mx summon party members with a Warlock portal inside Castle Nathria on Mythic difficulty. Resolved an issue where some players that interacted with Anima Crystal Shards in Bastion were not receiving credit towards Shard Labor. EnemiesMawsworn Flametender and Empowered Mawsworn Flametender’s Inner Flames now begins its cooldown at the start of the cast and the time between casts increased to 30 seconds .

Classic Restoration Druid

Battle for AzerothThe quests «An Unwelcome Advisor» and «Return of the Black Prince» should now be automatically provided to eligible players in Boralus Harbor and Zuldazar. Theater of Pain Xav the Unfallen Resolved an issue that prevented players targeted by Blood and Glory from landing in the dueling arena. Momentum Redistributor Boots has had its damage capped at 20% of the player’s health. Skull Bloomer damage increased to 75% (was 50%) and now also increases the damage of Frost Strike and Death Strike. Dark Devastation cast time increased to 2.5 seconds (was 1.5 seconds) and increased the size of the casting visual effect to be more noticeable. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused only one soul to become bound by Grasping Hands while two players stood at the spectral hands’ location.

soulkeeper classic wow