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soulkeeper classic wow

Castle NathriaHuntsman AltimorFixed an issue that caused Huntsman Altimor to not be afflicted with Broken Bond after Hecutis was defeated. WarlockAfflictionFocused Malignancy will now provide its damage increase when selecting the Rampant Afflictions talent. Clarity of Mind while talented into Spirit Shell will now extend Atonements that were applied right before casting Spirit Shell.

soulkeeper classic wow

Ever-tumbling Stone has been redesigned – When you activate this power, and whenever you change floors in Torghast, Roll grants immunity to all damage for 1 second per yard traveled. Blood-tinged descargarplusdede.com Poker now also increases the damage of Sacrificial Pact by 300%. The Intimidated and Oppression debuffs are removed more quickly after the casting Lieutenant has been defeated.

Classic Restoration Druid

Reduced the health of Slimy Smorgasbord by 15% on Mythic difficulty. Stone Legion Commando’s Volatile Stone Shell absorb shield has been reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty. Stone Legion Skirmisher’s now cast Wicked Slaughter every 10 seconds on Mythic difficulty .

soulkeeper classic wow

MonkResolved an issue that caused Clouded Focus to provide its bonus while Soothing Mist is not active. Fixed an issue where Hunting Party credit was not earned after the Hunt scenario was completed. MonkResolved an issue that prevented Stroke of Elegance from reducing the cooldown of Celestial Brew. Empowered Imperial Consular’s Shadow Bolt Volley damage decreased by 40%. Fixed an issue that could prevent the respawn of feeding rituals during the Shadehounds Hunt to not respawn. BastionPlayers on or eligible for the Bastion quest «Fruit of the Gods» can now see Elios in Hero’s Rest.

Wow Classic Priest Weapons Guide

DruidKindred Spirits added damage will no longer incorrectly remove Spell Reflection from the target. VengeanceFixed an issue preventing Vengeance Demon Hunters from casting Elysian Decree outside of the Shadowlands when talented into Concentrated Sigils.

soulkeeper classic wow

RogueCorrected an issue where the Terror-laden Slumbersand was incorrectly breaking the Sap effect from enemies. The chance for an Anima Cell to oraciones-catolicass.com drop from a creature on any given floor has been increased. The Jailer’s Directive in the Upper Reaches now increases health by 10% (was 50%).

Fixed an issue that caused the Cryptstalker 4-Set bonus effect to sometimes place the Hunter back in combat after using Feign Death. Reduced the amount of damage some area of effect spells were doing to party sizes greater than 1. Empowered enemies at the end of a floor now have more delay in between their basic magic damage spells. Corrected an issue that could cause actors in a flashback scene triggered by returning the Runecarver’s memories to fail to display correctly. The quest «Lead the Way» will no longer become blocked by members of the opposite faction. «The Great Vault» quest can now be completed while in a raid group.

Damage of all creatures reduced for 4- and 5-player groups by up to 20%. Quests with a weekly reset in The Maw no longer erroneously claim to be daily quests in the quest log and are now displayed with a yellow quest icon. Periodic heals present prior to Consumptive Infusion’s effect triggering will no longer consume the trinket’s effect. Mists of Tirna Scithe Mistveil Nightblossom now casts Triple Bite less often and its poison duration has been lowered. Mythic Keystone DungeonsLevel 10 Keystone end-of-run chest items have returned back to item level 203. PriestThoughtsteal no longer plays a misleading error sound when trying to cast the stolen spell.

  • Improved Regrowth can cast 12 spells in 20 seconds (with Nature’s Grace procs) and get the full value of +healing available to the trinket, which is 2652 +heal.
  • Not more, since Nature’s Grace + Faster Regrowth Cast puts your Regrowth below the global cooldown.
  • 11% haste makes downranked Regrowth worth using more, depending on how much you need to raid heal.
  • Unlike static +heal trinkets, the 2652 is total +heal gained over the course of a fight regardless of duration.
  • Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas gives 44 +heal, so at ~1.66 seconds per cast, you’d need 60 casts to get more total healing from Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas than Zandalarian Hero Charm.

Players can now change the stats of Unbound Changeling as many times as they like, but they still have one chance per day to get the all stats transformation. Fixed an issue that was causing the Decanter of Anima-Charged Winds trinket from hitting physically large enemies. Sanguine DepthsGeneral KaalFixed an issue where Piercing Blur images could turn and dash in an unintended direction. Castle NathriaLady Inerva DarkveinFixed an issue that prevented the UI Widget from displaying how many Anima Containers are open. Fracturing Forces and Eye of Skoldus now increase assassin health by 5% per stack (was 10%). TormentsFracturing Forces and Eye of Skoldus now begin their timer when you leave combat.

Fixed an issue where “Field Seance» couldn’t be accepted while in a group. The «Glowing Gift» trinket claimed from defeating the Greench should now scale to a more appropriate item level. Mythic Keystone DungeonsHoly Priests will now have their deaths count against the dungeon timer. Council of BloodFixed an issue that would prevent Veteran Stoneguard from being attackable during Danse Macabre. Reduced the damage of Smoldering Remnants by 10% on Normal difficulty. Sun King’s SalvationSmoldering Remnants now wait 1.5 seconds before starting to inflict damage on Normal and Heroic difficulties.