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Wotlk Arcane Leveling Guide

soulkeeper classic wow

Mystic Rainbowhorn now only has a chance to drop Runestag Soul for players who have joined the Night Fae Covenant. Summon Steward will now provide Phials of Serenity to players who are stealthed. PaladinGeneralFixed an issue that was causing Paladins that were boosted with a Shadowlands Character Boost to give the incorrect item level of equipment. The fix will only apply to newly created boost characters.

soulkeeper classic wow

The MawResolved an issue where Brethlun the Brand can become stuck and permanently evade all oncoming attacks during the quest «The Brand Holds the Key.» BastionFixed an issue where there were two Centurion Colossi visible during the quest «The Final Countdown.» Covenant CampaignFixed an issue where characters who chose to enter the Threads of Fate could have quests in their log from «The versosbiblicos.net Looming Dark» campaign that could no longer be completed. WarlockGeneralCorrected an issue where Soul Rot was unable to be used if the warlock was low on health. «Snacks for Stonehead» should now correctly be available to all players in the Ember Ward. The Animates required to recruit for the quest “Ani-Matter Animator” has been lowered to 12 and the respawn rate has been increased.

Staves For Wow Classic Priests

Daily and weekly quests within the Maw can no longer be held beyond the day or week in which they were picked up by the player. Battle for Azeroth Emissary quests and Paragon caches will have their gold rewards reduced to 10% of their current value when Shadowlands Season 1 begins in each region. PaladinGeneralPunish the Guilty damage has been reduced by 70%.

soulkeeper classic wow

Resolved an issue that caused the Forlorn Prisoner’s Forlorn’s Grace buff to increase damage instead of decrease damage. Fixed an issue where the Chamber Guardians could fail to attack during the quest, «You Go First.» Lady Moonberry has finished her prank and is no longer in two places at once for Night Fae who leveled via Threads software transportes of Fate during the quest «The Boon of Shapes.» Derwynnthlmn will now offer his Flight Master services to players that have chosen the Night Fae Covenant. Fixed an issue that caused a player to be rejected from their chosen covenant. Oribos no longer separates players with War Mode enabled from those who have it disabled.

Classic Restoration Druid

Covenant CampaignVenthyr players will no longer sometimes incorrectly receive the Gracious Guest debuff, preventing them from completing the Ember Court scenario. Fixed an issue where the Unbound Changeling trinket was granting less Haste than indicated in the tooltip. Additionally, the Unbound Changeling transformation that provides all three stats has had the stats reduced by 16% and the transformation now persists through death. Sanguine DepthsFixed an issue where Essence of Z’rali could no longer be picked up after dying multiple times while holding the naaru. WarriorGeneralFixed an issue where, when Signet of Tormented Kings would trigger a second Ravager, any existing Ravagers would stop dealing damage and generating Rage.

  • Fixed an issue where grouped players could have a party member become unable to complete the Revendreth quest «A Reflection of Truth.»
  • Fixed an issue where players aligned with the Kyrian Covenant who skipped the campaign quest «It’s All Coming Together» would not see the chapter «Among the Kyrian» as complete.
  • Fixed an issue where grouped players could have a party member become unable to complete the Ardenweald quest «Wildseed Rescue.»
  • BastionFixed an issue where players could be unintentionally killed while escaping the Necrotic Wake during the quest, «A Time for Courage.»
  • Fixed an issue where neutral enemies would attack players unprovoked during the Bastion world quest «A Crisis of Memory.»

Fixed an issue where the Chamber Incense Burner could be not be interacted with during the quest «You Go First.» Fixed an issue where the quest, «Hero’s Rest» could not be turned into the ever-present version of Kalisthene. BastionFixed an issue where opening Silver Strongboxes would sometimes not reward credit for “The Sweetest Tribute” quest. ShamanRestoration The Primal Tide Core Legendary effect will now only apply Riptide to friendly lasaromaterapias.com players. MarksmanshipCorrected an issue where Shadowcore Oil Blast would incorrectly interfere with Steady Focus when casting two Steady Shots in a row. HunterBeast MasteryWild Spirits will no longer deal damage multiple times when using Bestial Wrath with Animal Companion or when using Barbed Shot with Stomp . Fixed an issue in The Maw where Elethium Deposits could be gathered before players had unlocked the Eye of the Jailer.

Addressed an issue where Damaged Necrotic Shards do not take damage from defeating Shadows of Doom. Pets will now automatically attack hostile enemies and players when set to Aggressive stance. Fixed an issue during the Bastion World Quest «Centurions, Assemble!» where the Steward Mechanic ability would fail to heal the player’s chosen centurion.

soulkeeper classic wow

If your boosted character still has the lower item level equipment, please contact Customer Support. HunterMarksmanshipCorrected an issue where the Secrets of the Unblinking Vigil was being consumed at the same time as the Lock and Load effect. Also corrected an issue where an in-flight Aimed Shot could incorrectly consume the Secrets of the Unblinking Vigil effect. Fixed an issue where Thorns was not dealing damage to attackers after being melee attacked. Kindred Spirits now correctly allows the casting Druid to be bound to only one ally at a time. Kosarus the Fallen now gains stacks of Enrage at a slower rate while under the effects of Predator’s Gaze and his health has been reduced by 20%.

Mawsworn Seekers called in by Torments have had their damage reduced by 15%. Mawsworn Shadestalkers called in by Torments have had their health reduced by 30%. Ve’nari has upgraded her wards in The Maw, granting players a brief window of invisibility and immunity as they exit her refuge or after landing from an Animaflow flight. MageGeneralFixed an issue where enemies under the effects of Frost Nova with the Grisly Icicle would not be broken out by other player attacks.