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Wotlk Arcane Leveling Guide

soulkeeper classic wow

Use a mana tick timer addon so you can drink while running between mana ticks. Major mana potions and Demonic runes are on average ~125 mana per 5 seconds. Ideally you want to use them early during longer boss fights, so you can use more if cooldown comes off before fight end.

soulkeeper classic wow

Stormrage Cover, Glacial Cloak, and Ramaladni’s Icy Grasp are very good. Use max rank healing touch + Zandalarian Hero Charm on Loatheb main tank and heal the raid using Heavy Runecloth Bandage. If you have multiple druids, it is okay to just spam 6 different ranks of healing touch. Choose the appropriate spell/rank heal to fill the health point deficit of your target while minimizing over healing done to said target. Before around 300+heal maybe i up ranked 1 on all of em because they didn’t heal for enough.

Wotlk Arcane Leveling Guide

If you want to downrank but can’t, you have to stack mana per 5 seconds. If you want to uprank but cant, you need to stack +healing, regardless of your weights. Stacking healing and downranking multiplicatively increases the value of your mana potions, runes, and passive mana per 5 seconds. Mana per 5 seconds is good on speed runs where you never leave combat and cant drink. Idol of Rejuvenation adds 12.5 health per tick of Rejuvenation regardless of rank.

  • If you can precast big heal’s that go off right after your target takes large spike damage then you’ll truly shine.
  • It’s true strength is shown on fights with predictive spike damage.
  • Swiftmend +healing is accounted for at the same rate as Rejuvenation or Regrowth.
  • Topping off raid damage tends to be feel really slow in comparison to regrowth built druids, or any other healing class.

10 health per tick with the Increased Rejuvenation Duration tier 2 bonus. In short its +50 bonus healing to Rejuvenation but it is affected by Gift of Nature and Improved Rejuvenation talents. Good synergy paired with Wushoolay’s charm of nature on some fights. If you’re using Healing Touch rank 4 you can only cast 8 heals, which is total +heal of 2312 . Improved Regrowth can cast 12 spells in 20 seconds (with Nature’s Grace procs) and get the full value of +healing available to the trinket, which is 2652 +heal.

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Use Major Rejuvenation Potion and Night Dragon’s Breath instead if you also need health, or Greater Shadow Protection Potion to negate self damage from Demonic rune. This blanqueardientes.org build gives you all the tricks for maximum survival, especially for flag carrying. It is generally considered one of the all around best player vs. player build.

soulkeeper classic wow

It also functions very well in dungeons and raiding as a healer, though it misses a few key talents that a pure healing spec has. It’s really nice during the gearing up phase, to give you options outside of raids until you get a good healing and damage set. You can tank 5 mans easily and also farm with the feral talents. Improved Regrowth just increases the chance your direct heal will be a critical heal. In general, stacking healing and downranking is more mana per 5 seconds than actually most mana per 5 seconds gear choices. If you don’t have enough mana and go out of mana before the end of fights use more consumes and/or downrank your spells more.

Faster Regrowth Cast bonus with Nature’s Grace effect reduces Regrowth casting time to 1.3 seconds. Not more, since Nature’s Grace + Faster Regrowth Cast puts your Regrowth below the global cooldown.

Unlike static +heal trinkets, the 2652 is total +heal gained over the course of a fight regardless of duration. Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas gives 44 +heal, so at ~1.66 seconds per cast, you’d need 60 casts to get more total healing from Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas than Zandalarian Hero Charm.

Around 400 or more +heal is when Healing Touch rank 3 started becoming more useful. Festival Dumplings 4% mana per second effect ambientadorescaseros.com stack with mage water. Apparently most «seated while eating» mana food stack with «seated while drinking» mana drinks.