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Where Can I Download Free Music? I Used To Use Soulseek But It Won’t Work On My Computer Anymore For Some Reason Suggestions?!

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Of note, I do go into relay settings and change the card type appearance to something that looks like sync. One post to support Relay for Reddit!

  • I use relay but many other apps exist.
  • Try relay for reddit if your on android.
  • I think the relay for reddit app just got an update to support the S8 fullscreen.
  • Use a good reddit app that will open albums internally.
  • Help reducing the bot spam on reddit.

And if you refresh, those links will reappear. Or just use a proper reddit app that lets you unmute videos without jumping through hoops. Try Relay if you’re on Android or Apollo for iOS. Check out huertasencasas.com Relay, it seemed to handle things well for me. It’s my favorite reddit client for Android. Only very slightly less functional than reddit is fun, but the Material Design UI makes it worth it IMO.

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There’s also an ad-free version for $2.99. By far the best Reddit app I’ve ever used. I also have the pro version to support the developer.

soulseek reddit

He’s incredibly active but keeps the app stable (although I’m on the beta channel). Have not tried official client yet, but most likely almost any alternative will be better. Opens up an a pop up working the app. I’d recommend trying a third party reddit app.

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Went from the free one to the purchased/ad free. [](/nerdtwi) Relay for reddit can handle ponymotes natively, and with the ponymotes app it can show not just the default ones we use here but also the other thousands available. [](/flutterwink) Then why not use a reddit app while on mobile? Like Relay for Reddit 3l0g.com with the Ponymotes app for, you guessed it, ponymotes and all other emotes included in BPMs. Favorite reddit app is Relay for Reddit, although am really liking how Slide for Reddit is shaping up. I highly recommended the mobile client. I believe that the Reddit enhancement Suite extension on desktop has it too.

soulseek reddit

No spoilers in this app, also best readability with the numerous apps I’ve tried. Although there probably are apps out there that are similar good / better. Easily my favourite reddit client, great night mode too. It can hide read links, just a button away.