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What Is Reddit’s Opinion Of Relay For Reddit?

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I just don’t think there will be much interest in your app when it’s going to require people to divide their gif vs. non-gif viewing. First of all, I applaud you for your work. I had a quick look, and it definitely loads media much faster than when I use a dedicated Reddit app . I use the pro version for the moderation tools, but the free version is still great. I primarily use reddit on Android with Relay for Reddit, so when I use the actual website I don’t really care what the UI is as long as I can manage to navigate. Hey /u/Call_Me_Math, I think you’re looking for /r/relayforlife. You’re in /r/RelayForReddit, the subreddit related to Relay, an Android app for browsing Reddit.

soulseek reddit

Not sure if there’s any way to change the default emojis on Samsung phones, but I saw you mentioned WhatsApp. Both WhatsApp and Telegram use iOS emojis even on Android, so there will be no difference at all there.

Thoughts On classic Opie And Anthony Reddit

It’s the best Reddit app around, imo. Super active developer who takes peoples feedback seriously and implements it frequently. If so, Relay for reddit supports cake day recognition and a lot of other cool features.

Can’t really help you out with more than that. I’ve since switched to using Relay for Reddit and I like it a lot more. is in beta right now and is looking to be a solid way to browse reddit. Until it’s finished, I can recommend checking out Reddit Relay. Check out /r/OutOfTheLoop for things you might have missed or might not know about, like inside jokes and old references. Maybe read up KnowYourMeme’s reddit entry. Oh and be sure to know about ~~jackdaws and crows~~ Unidan.

soulseek reddit

WhatsApp chat backups have been on Android for years. You can even configure WhatsApp to save your backups estufas-electricas.com to your Google Drive, so they can be restored after you swap phones or flash the one you’re using.

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The only IAP in the free version is to upgrade to paid version. If you like minimalistic UX/UI, gesture navigations, and smooth but simple animations, try Relay. (note the pro version is the same, just with pay-to-turn-off-ads upfront – the free version it’s just an in-app purchase after the ads start showing). I’ve also used reddit sync extensively in the past and it’s a solid contender too. Seriously, I used to use reddit is fun but reddit news is basically that but with a very nice design and some nice extra features. I’ll add some of my essential app categories to the mix with suggestions. It’s a glitch with Bacon Reader, used to happen to me frequently and sometimes I’d have to restart the whole phone to get it to work.

soulseek reddit

It’s not the official but it let me play it with sound. Oh, I use Relay for Reddit on Android and I was able to play it in-app. Might be worth a shot if you wanted to try a different app. I’ve tried a bunch and I keep descargarmobilism.com coming back to Relay for reddit. FYI, for making comments, the best thing to do for images is to host them on imgur and link the relevant text with the image. There’s a free version with ads and paid with no ads.

Soulseek Client For Android?

Not much you can do about that except wait and see. If you eventually decide to go with the S8 anyway, as a bonus it will probably be a bit cheaper . My personal choice for the last two years have been Relay, and it has only gotten better. The best thing about it is that the linked page and the comments load simultaneously and you swipe a barrier up and down to view the browser and the comments. That is if you actually read the article? Also has colour coded comment threads and dark theme. I’ve tried basically all of them on android and it’s easily my favorite.

  • Not to mention app specific features, ease-of-use, notifications, etc.
  • It only has a tiny little banner ad on the list of posts, and it’s generally pretty well laid out.
  • That instant brand recognition – always in your face, easily accessible.
  • If you have an Android device, I highly recommend it.
  • But I think it’s more important that they push their own apps so users will always have a little icon available on their homescreen or app drawer.
  • So when it comes to websites pushing their own apps only because of in-app advertising?

The Reddit app I’m using has it, and many others built-in. It’s a flat image uploaded directly to Reddit’s internal image hosting. Your app must not be Reddit-friendly. As for multiplayer games, the big list post has pretty much everything I play.

Most others are alright except baconreader; baconreader is straight trash. The dev fixed v.reddit links as soon as they were a problem. Relay is my choice, others like Sync, Flow, or Slide. I use Relay for Reddit for Android, not sure if there’s an iOS version. There’s a free version and a paid version, the paid version has no ads and a few other neat features. I’m sure the app has an easier way but I don’t know it, I use Relay for Reddit, which does have a button with a pop-up. Casting my vote for Relay for Reddit.