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Want To Buy Soulkeeper Horde,icecrown 49 Mage

soulkeeper classic wow

Reflection stack additively with the tier 2 Meditation set bonus. Rank 5 Gift of Nature is equivalent of ~250 extra +healing to rank 11 Healing Touch but only ~40 extra +healing to rank 3 Healing Touch. Example to calculate the value of critical for Healing Touch rank 4.

soulkeeper classic wow

This makes Idol of Health the second biggest upgrade possible for a druid in ‎Temple of Ahn’Qiraj . It’s also a bigger upgrade than any item in Blackwing Lair. Scarab Brooch apply the shield for healing touches and the initial heal portion of regrowth.

Staves For Wow Classic Priests

Healer stat weights are ever changing based on the fight and everything happening. Using a one size fits all stat value is a bad idea for a healer. More mana or mana per 5 seconds is useless if you don’t consume that mana, for example. Idol of Health is a 5-7.5% increase in healing output for healing touch. Going from Jin’do’s Hexxer to Scepter of the False Prophet is 9.5% increase.

  • Familiarize yourself with how much each rank of Healing Touch heals for, and how fast they heal.
  • Throw out Rejuvenation on other party members who aren’t in danger of dying.
  • Brilliant Mana Oil, Brilliant Wizard Oil (both gives + to healing), Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops phase 5.
  • Wizard oil is better for everything except speedrunning or a fight where you’re not casting for a large portion.
  • Moonglow is the most mana efficient, it’s best to stack as much +healing as possible.

Improved Entangling Roots is one of the best player vs. player talents you can pick because it makes your only crowd control usable when eating attacks. If you have improved entangling roots, then trigger nature’s grace with moonfire, laoracionasanjose.com you’ll be able to cast a full root within their global cooldown. Reflection allow % of your spirit based mana regen to continue while casting. Reflection has no extra benefit to regen 5 second after you last spent mana.


Say you are at 20% critical, and your Healing Touch rank 4 heals for 1200 non critical. If you go from 80% to 81% critical that’s mesoterapiaymas.com going to increase your healing by 3.6%. If you go from 1% to 2% critical that’s going to increase your healing by 0.5%.