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Items with a 🌟 represent the author’s top pick for that category. That said, I do explore and test every resource I add to this list wherever possible. Some items in this list could easily fit in more than one category, so to make sure you find what you’re looking for please use Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F on macOS). For discussion and feedback, please head to the Reddit thread on /r/Piracy. costumbres.net If you come across dead links, please report them by creating an issue. Please ensure you use an adblocker like uBlock Origin to access any of the websites listed here, otherwise, you will have a bad time. I am aware that a number of websites featured in this list rely on operating under obscurity, and that this list could potentially contribute to their demise through excess exposure.

soulseek reddit

This guide explains many of the methods involved with keeping on top of this sometimes difficult task. O&O ShutUp10 O&O ShutUp10 means you have full control over which comfort functions under Windows 10 you wish to use, and you decide when the passing on of your data goes too far. Avast Antivirus Avast Antivirus is a multi-platform antivirus application jardin-urbano.com with a free tier. Be sure to opt-out of sending anonymous usage statistics. Buttercup Another open source password manager with desktop, mobile, and browser clients. Dashlane An intuitive password manager with over with over 8 million users worldwide. The Pirate Bay Cleaner Auto-sorting, torrentifying, theme-change, search-change, SSL/HTTPS and more.

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MyAnonaMouse Private E-Learning tracker with about torrents including audiobooks, e-learning, musicology, and radio. JPopsuki JPopsuki is a torrent tracker focused on Asian music. HD-Space HD-Space is a private torrent tracker hosting software transportes HD movies, TV shows, and music torrents. Audionews Private torrent tracker for music production audio. Open signups on the 1st-2nd every month. A Simple Guide To A Better Ratio A good tracker requires you to upload what you download.

soulseek reddit

Bypass paywalls for scientific documents This script adds download buttons on Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web Of Science, which lead to sci-hub.tw. AdsBypasser This user script helps you to skip countdown ads or continue pages and prevent ad pop-up windows. ScriptSafe A browser extension that gives users control of the web and more secure browsing while emphasizing simplicity and intuitiveness. Windscribe Simple VPN, has a free plan that gives you 10gb/mo bandwidth, paid version even has port forwarding for static IPs, privacy-focused. You will notice some items on this list have a 🌟 next to them.

Where Can I Download Free Music? I Used To Use Soulseek But It Won’t Work On My Computer Anymore For Some Reason Suggestions?!

Torlock Torlock is a torrent index and torrent search that helps to access the latest in TV series and movies. 1337x 1337x is a torrent site that offers verified torrent downloads. ruTracker 🌟 RuTracker is a huge Russian torrent site with a thriving file-sharing community.

  • I’ve used it for years, it really is the a way better experience than the official app.
  • There have been a few times I missed private messages because they were sent via private chat .
  • These features are not supported by any third-party apps either, the API was never updated for that to be possible.
  • It still works well, but as time goes on Reddit tries to introduce more and more features that only new reddit and their apps can have.
  • I use Reddit almost exclusively with the Relay app.
  • It is an Android mobile app for reddit.