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Soulseek Client For Android?

soulseek reddit

I’m going to just reply here, that way if other people want the list they can see it easily. For iOS I’d recommend Beam or Narwhal, for Android I’d recommend Relay or Sync, and for Windows Phone I’d recomend getting a new phone. I like this one the most because everything is swipeable.

I’ve tried many of the other clients, but this is the one I always come back to. I tried the official recently but no thanks. Best Reddit app out of every one I’ve ever tried. [](/sp)[](/twismile) Occasionally, I get to see the new Reddit page though when I’m browsing on public PCs.

soulseek reddit

I highly recommend Relay for Reddit ($2-3 if you want to get rid of ads), with PonyMotes for BPM. PonyMotes lasplantasdeinterior.net needs to download every emote of BPM so that takes forever when you first download and update it .

When I Try To Log In To The Soulseek P2p Site, I Get The Error

It’s author is a redditor himself and responds to comments in Relay’s subreddit. There’s a button built into the comment editor for a link. The closest Android app is Relay for Reddit which is the only app I miss from my time on the other side. With all of that done, you are now free to enjoy Ponymotes on your Android device. It has issues here and there but is being actively developed by /u/dbrady.

soulseek reddit

I miss Reddit News from my Android days. If you’re on Android, there’s Relay and Slide to choose from. Google Opinion Rewards — I get credit towards stuff on the Play Store. Even when I’m automatically declared ineligible for the survey (e.g. I didn’t visit any of the stores it’s asking about) they still throw you like a dime.

Where Can I Download Free Music? I Used To Use Soulseek But It Won’t Work On My Computer Anymore For Some Reason Suggestions?!

Timesheet — Keeps track of my time spent on various projects, spits out an Excel file I can send to my boss. Optional add-ons include one for punching in to/out of a project using NFC tags. i like relay the best of all i tried, by a wide margin. G-Droid – An alternative/improved huertasencasas.com version of F-Droid, don’t need F-Droid if you use this one. Textra – Alternative SMS client, I think the interface is nicer and it has more features than stock. Lawnchair Launcher – Alternative to Nova Launcher, has a few more features than the free version of Nova.

  • All the complaints come from people using the official Reddit app I think.
  • Don’t use the official app and you won’t see the ads.
  • Relay is a bit simpler but Sync has everything you need.
  • That’s the only one I know of that doesn’t respect timestamped links.
  • I’ve tried several reddit Android apps and Relay for reddit is by far my favorite.

Anyway, it certainly looks better compared to the last time I saw the new reddit page of /r/mylittlepony . I use the paid version of Relay for Reddit on Android. Relay for Reddit opens things like youtube videos in place, it’s a great client IMO. What’s best for me might be shitty for you though, but hope you find that one perfect app.

Also, you should install Better Ponymotes . If you’re on Android, give Relay for Reddit and Ponymotes a shot. Both of them let you see more pony emotes here, something folks use for fun to express themselves.

soulseek reddit

Also keep in mind that you have to check for new emotes manually, and it can take a month or two between new emotes being added to this sub and when PonyMotes gets them. If your intention is for imgur links easily on Reddit, then just use Relay. It’s also so much better than the official experience in many ways.

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[](/sp) [](/ppcute) Glad you gave the show a chance. Some folks never get past the «hate it because it’s popular» phase. Turns out, sometimes things are popular because they’re fun! [](/sp) [](/ohhi) If you decide to hang out with us on Reddit, you’ll get to see some of the other great fan-art and videos inspired by the show.