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Soulseek And Router Configuration

soulseek port forwarding

6081 and 6082 are the ports I chose in the actual Soulseek application, not in the docker configuration. It criptomonedasqueson.com looks like this, where you select the “listening” ports. The “Server port” does not need to be opened.

soulseek port forwarding

Soulseek is telling me my router is not configured correctly. It even tells me which port is obfuscated but I don’t know how to open it. Unless the page says «Your router and Soulseek client is configured correctly.», you can improve your configuration.

Draytek Router

Unfortunately it seems to happen no matter what networking I elect to use, host mode, bridge mode, whatever. I’m positive I’ve been using the correct commands to set it up too. I assume you did not check the “use … mapping” boxes, as they make no sense with manual port forwarding. So if I were running Soulseek as a normal application natively, not in docker, I’d choose whatever port I wanted there and then forward those ports to the computer Soulseek was running on.

soulseek port forwarding

If you want to forward the same port to another computer, you need to delete the forwarding instruction or «rule» from the router first. Find out what ports ports your specific game or software needs. In some cases, both TCP and UDP port numbers will be needed.The ports to forward for BitTorrent are TCP ports . You may have an Apply button instead of Save.

Port Closed

You might need to restart your router for them to take effect. Select the internal IP address to assign the port forwarding to. This is the oracionalavirgende-guadalupe.com IP address of the computer running the application that you are unblocking. Check out the guides for PC or Mac to find your internal IP.

  • The advantage to disabling it is that malicious software on your LAN can’t set up port forwarding automatically.
  • So as long as your router is configured to accept messages in one of those protocols from your LAN, Soulseek should «just work» without you having to do anything special.
  • If you face any issues with setting up port forwarding on your router, feel free to use the comments section below, and we’d be more than happy to get back to you.
  • The disadvantage is that neither can anything else, so you’d have to manually set up whatever port forwarding each server needs.
  • And with that, we’ve come to the end of this guide!
  • But so much software need to do port forwarding, I think it’s more common now that most routers just come with it enabled.

Don’t run a home server if you do not have knowledge or experience in computer security. Every day, hackers break into poorly secured servers, using those servers to host their criminal activities. Running a home server also breaches most cable internet service agreements, which are legal and binding contracts. Port forwarding can only forward a specific port to one computer at a time.

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If you only want one port open, enter the same number in Start and End. If you wish to open a range of ports , you might type 3784 in Start and 3788 in End. If you’ve forgotten your login information, you can press the reset button on your router to reset it to factory defaults. You can then look up the factory default settings online. If you did end up fricking something up you can use a paperclip to hit the reset button on your router and reset all the settings back to default anyway. At that point when data from the public internet hits your router on the Soulseek port, your router knows to forward that data to the computer with that IP address, which is currently running Soulseek. The data gets to your router, but your router doesn’t know which computer on the network that data supposed to go to.

soulseek port forwarding