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Then get Ponymotes and use the menu to download all the rest of the emotes (that’ll take a while, do it on wifi rather than cellular). Try it and if you like it go for the Pro version to remove any adverts. I’ve been using it for years and it works very well.

soulseek reddit

Check out this site that makes reddit look like Microsoft Outlook! There’s also one that looks like Word. It means NOT SAFE FOR WORK. So yeah. I personally didn’t like the way Now for Reddit was going, so I looked for a better one. I’m quite happy with Relay and its what I’m using now. It seems to work with more of reddits features then Now did .

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This was fixed in the latest update (9.0.44). It might have only been a beta update though. If you want it fixed now you can I join the beta from the Play Store page at the very bottom of the page. Or you can wait for the update to be officially released. This is the app I use, it does everything I want and more. Weather Timeline is a great and beautiful weather app, but there are so many of those to choose from.

soulseek reddit

UI is smooth as hell but it doesn’t have as many features as Sync for Reddit. I find the layout and functionality of Relay for reddit to be much nicer, at least in my opinion. I used rif for a while and i didn’t have any problems with it, but Relay is perfect for me. Little smaller userbase so i just don’t think a lot of people have heard about it. Relay for Reddit is also an active client with a fantastic dev. Depends on which mobile app you use. I use Relay for Reddit, which makes it easy to do basic text formatting.

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Pocket is great for saving news and article for offline reading. On Android, you want Relay for Reddit. That will let you see the default emotes in this sub.

  • Relay for example has buttons dedicated to formatting.
  • 3rd party Reddit apps are much better than the official Reddit app.
  • I’ve added a link to the general questions thread which covers the sidebar.

I used to be a steadfast RiF user and would frown at how Relay users have to constantly swipe at everything. But I got sick of squinting at how small even the «large» setting for text is in RiF, and the «huge» setting makes it comically oversized. So I gave Relay a good proper try and have been using it since. Try this if you have an Android phone. You can set the preloading to just thumbnails, low quality image, full quality image, or just turn preloading off. When I got back to my PC with the pizza for my gf and I to share /r/FiftyFifty I once again had access to Grammarly which keeps most Reddit users from knowing I’m drunk at all. I use Relay for reddit and I could see it just fine.


I’ve tried others and keep coming back to this. I believe there’s a menu with an info button. Since the Reddit mobile app sucks, you’ll also have to click into any tables to see the information contained within, but it’s there. I suggest going with a better app such as Relay. Relay is dark and easily the best Reddit client that I’ve used. Likewise Relay for reddit has some mod tools as well. I don’t know what app you use, but I’ve been using Relay for years and I’ve never had that problem.

soulseek reddit