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soulseek reddit

But I’ve seen them mentioned quite a few times in similar threads. And if it really matters – no, I don’t use the official Reddit app either. I use Relay and I highly recommend it.

  • Once you get used to its unique «swiping» navigation, you’ll never go back to your old app.
  • Please reduce the spam from useless bots on reddit.
  • If yours doesn’t, it’s time to switch apps.
  • It seems to work fine on relay for reddit, so long as you tap the thumbnail instead of opening the link directly.
  • I use relay but other options exist.
  • You wouldn’t need that spammy bot if you used a decent reddit app.

There’s a button at the bottom, click it and all seen posts disappear. I don’t have any of those issues other users are complaining about in the Play Store comments. Lol seems like an ad but I’m really happy with the app. It’s one of my Mainstays throughout phone changes.

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Relay is updated pretty frequently and everything just works. They are always adding features too, and I really can’t think of any real complaints about this app. If you use an app like Relay for reddit, it will provide automated formatting options for you, much like desktop-based word processing programs.

soulseek reddit

I used to use RiF but Relay for reddit is my app of choice. The comment draft saving thing is automatic, too. There’s also software construccion Reddit is fun, Baconreader, boost, basically type in «Reddit» into the play store search bar and you’ll find a bunch.

Relay is my mobile app of choice and it allows you to upload to Imgur for posts and comments and automatically puts in the direct link. Sounds like you’re using the official app. Seriously guys, if you are using Reddit official app, change to Relay. It’s awesome laoracionasanpancracio.com and satisfying just as the wave. On mobile, most 3rd party apps have a function to hide all viewed posts. Relay comes to mind, others probably have that function too though. This feature exists on some mobile apps, Relay for Reddit is one of them.

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You can always copy and paste it though. For what it’s worth, spoilers always work fine for me on Relay and I would imagine most other Reddit apps as well.

soulseek reddit

I’ve been using Relay for Reddit forever now. I used a different app before but it didn’t get updates anymore, and I think I switched to relay about a year or two ago and never looked back. It’s constantly being updated and improving. I don’t know what Reddit app some people use on their phones, but a lot of them seem to have a confusing reply button.

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I use a Reddit browsing app called Relay. It has a «Filter» function in the settings which enables you to filter out any posts from certain domains or subreddits, or containing keywords you can define. I imagine other apps can do the same. Relay for reddit is wayyyyyyyyy better than the reddit app. I’d recommend this app to everyone tbh.

soulseek reddit

On mobile, I don’t like the official app too much, it didn’t really compare to the third party ones I tried. I’d recommend Relay, it’s the best one I’ve used so far. Here’s a link to (/r/relayforreddit), and the Google Play store. The main app is free, though you can pay to remove banner ads and also support development. I’m using Relay for reddit so I don’t know if that has to do something with it. I think the YouTube app automatically fixes it in the internal player and in the app. It’s a part of the reddit app I use, Relay for reddit.

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Sign up to the beta, you can do so at the bottom of the Google Play listing for the app. Using Relay for Reddit, the RR link will open in the app browser and hitting the back button goes to the previous button. consultarif.com It still won’t work as a regular post (because sidebar links aren’t regular posts) but it is pretty good. I’ve been using Relay for Reddit for years but have seen others using a variety of other apps.