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Are There Any Apps For Os X That Are Comparable To Soulseek?

soulseek reddit

You should check out Relay for Reddit, formerly known as Reddit News. I used BaconReader before but I switched to Relay for reddit and I love it. I have a Z2 and I like using Relay for Reddit, but just have a search on the Play Store and see what looks good for you.

soulseek reddit

It’s got an option for thumbnails to the left and a couple of different one handed upvote gestures. I don’t know what’s happening, but my feed is also beetlejuicing apparently. I scrolled down and saw exactly the post in this post was the next post. i use relay and omit all posts with the keyword ‘cosplay’ because I don’t want mitologiagriega.org to see that. I liked Sync (?) for a bit, but always come back to Relay for reliability and deceptively simple complexity. I played with it a little on my friends phone and I think it is really great and also 100% free. I stopped using the pc version in like 2016 or something before they added all the little medals and stuff.

Irc Clients

He’s 1 developer that updates weekly and takes in feedback on the app’s subreddit. Sorry for shilling, you seemed to need a mobile app that isn’t garbage though. I bought Reddit News pro , it has it’s problems but gfycat links and gifs no longer mute the sound, it also has markup. Takes some time to get used to, but it’s superior to all others I’ve tried. I bought the paid version of RIF, I liked the easy way you can navigate. But the sound/gif problem and the lack of markup formatting had me looking elsewhere. Relay for Reddit never causes me any issues on my G3.

soulseek reddit

The production of music over there is very different, it can sound a bit weird on that front compared to the rest of the world lol. The composition and mixing in particular. Esp w dancier music I’ve noticed they introduce every idea right away then let each melody switch places. Sounds normal but it stood out to me. I’m really super into vocaloid and have been since I was 8 or 9 , so I’m a bit biased there. There’s a big group of them in China called vsinger, you could equate those to the miku of China, since they’re so popular. It’s something I’ve been missing from the Japanese vocaloid department for a long time.

Building From Git (unstable)

Constant updates, AMOLD theme and intuitive. I’ve tried others but keep coming back. Relay for reddit has camasconpalets.com the ability to temporarily hide all posts you have already read, which lasts until the next refresh.

  • I personally use Relay for Reddit on Android which gets my basic mod needs done like; reports and changing post flairs.
  • I turn to desktop for literally everything else.
  • That being said, things like user and post flairs that use CSS still benefits mobile apps.
  • Relay for reddit opens youtube videos in the app, just like it does gifs and it doesn’t take more than a second on my 3 year old phone.
  • Seeing as this is a subreddit for a phone I’d assume most of the members use it on said phone.

I used Relay for reddit and old and new reddit in my mobile browser. I don’t currently have access to my laptop, but I’m pretty sure I would have seen something in one of the comments. Relay if you like the old Reddit with RES, and a solid amount of app customizability. I can’t see the comment you linked , but if it looks like that you don’t need to worry, you just assvertised. I’m just using the advertisement function from the app I’m using then. There’s a fucking fantastic album of just dance music w Luo called «Dance dance dance» that’s awesome if the genre tickles your fancy! I can’t find it on yt but some of the songs are in muse dash and musync.

The music producer Ilem does a bit of everything , they’re super worth checking out. I’d recommend giving it a go and if you like it to consider buying the pro version to go ad-free. I use Relay like software mantenimiento years and for me, works great! For custom you can try Sync in a pro version, for free ads and good experience, i do recommend Infinite. Relay for Reddit is my go-to Reddit app since the beginning.

soulseek reddit

Those two games are great for the vocaloid-anime style of Chinese music. Especially musync, some of my faves w less than 6000 views are in that game. Here’s a playlist I found of some great songs w those singers!! It’s got a bunch of classics and new stuff too.It’s mostly Luo Tianyi, she’s basically the Miku of the group. I like basically all of these songs.

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