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23 Soulseek Alternatives & Similar Software

soulseek p2p

Three, four years ago Soulseek was THE online network to find and exchange music. Looking for some obscure, independent title, you name it, you’d find it on Soulseek. Now, with the likes of Last.fm, Deezer or Pandora, there’s many more ways to find and listen to music online.

soulseek p2p

This program is more music oriented than anything, although you can download many types of files from it. It will most likely genograma.top not be targeted by the RIAA because the majority of the users upload and download independent and otherwise obscure material.

#3 Warez P2p

The only way to figure out is just to play around, click here, click there, basically you have to guess every move. It’s like playing hangman, you just get one letter at start and after that you have to figure it out. Also, in order to download something from someone you have to create an account and share some files. Since July 6, 2008, there have been two versions of the Soulseek client, with entirely different users, user groups, and files. The older version, v.156 is progressively being wound down, but still operates as of August 2011, albeit with few users.

  • Kazaa is also described as a proactive, global technology, virtual, and all the other publishing company focused on providing P2P software.
  • It offers lots of similar features such as download free music, user-friendly interface, fast and available to use on multiple platforms, etc.
  • Just like the other similar platforms which used a centralized server to index files, Kazaa users also share data directly from each other’s hard drives.
  • The distinguishing features of eMule are the direct exchange of sources between client nodes, fast recovery of corrupt download files, and reward system for the uploader.

Yet Soulseek remains an excellent P2P network to download tunes. While the Soulseek client is easy to download and run on PC, Mac users have it a bit tougher.

Where Can You Run This Program?

You’ll have to use an alternative client such as this one, SoulseeX. SoulSeek was created by Nir Arbel, a former Napster programmer, and offers access to bolsa-termica.com a vast peer-shared library of files, composed primarily of music. You see a lot of buttons, a lot of users, a white empty chat wall, a lot of rooms.

soulseek p2p